What is the role of digital transformation in a company?

Technology has changed everything, but have you ever stopped to think about its role in your company?

Even though digital transformation is a process that begins outside the company, it begins with the emergence of new technologies useful in generating competitive advantage for the business. However, anyone who thinks that the use of technology alone is sufficient is mistaken.

For the process to be more satisfactory, it is necessary, then, to create effective strategies that bring the best results to the company. 

Thus, a digital journey needs not only good planning to achieve its goal, but also must consider how an institution uses technological innovations to change, innovate and reinvent itself.

Therefore, for the digital transformation to be successful, it is necessary to take into account the choice of a new technology, the strategic identification of an opportunity for improvement, and also ensure that significant changes occur in the user experience, processes, employees and in the business model. business.

Here are the benefits of bringing digital transformation to your business:

Increased automated processes

Management systems help companies to optimize tasks that were previously performed manually, such as filling out spreadsheets, forms and data reports. In addition, access to information is facilitated, as they are saved digitally.


With the possibility of standardizing processes, assertiveness in delivery is guaranteed. The machines are programmed to work in the best possible way and from internal office operations to production, there is an increase in quality.

Competitive advantages

Some technologies allow the integration of company and customer data access, facilitating the creation of new strategies and putting them ahead of competitors.


Have a management system to have a more precise control of your organization's financial data and also reduce production costs, as these systems optimize time.

More productivity

With automation, the more bureaucratic processes stop taking the time of employees, who can dedicate themselves to actions that bring more benefits to the company.

Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays people use the internet to make all kinds of purchases and are attracted by the ease and quantity of options. So, being present on social networks, having a functional website and online store, are determining factors to ensure customer satisfaction and the success of your business.


Mechanisms such as encryption, certificates and digital signatures, offered by technology companies, guarantee greater security, reducing errors and data losses.

Growth of your business

Through investment in online stores, content marketing and interaction on social networks, your company can search for new markets and win more customers, from different states or even countries.

Digital transformation for your company

Well, as stated earlier, the advantages of joining this process are numerous, but be aware that this does not mean high investments in devices. Regardless of the size of your company, WayV can help you, since we serve from small businesses to large corporations, modernizing and automating processes in a simple and efficient way. 

With WayV you guarantee increased productivity and time optimization, check out some things that our app solves for you:

Data collect;
Quality control;
Action plans;
Service and maintenance orders;
Process management.

Now that you know the role of digital transformation in a company, you must have realized the importance of having a technology that gives you security and that generates greater competitive advantage.

Come optimize your institution with WayV! Contact us and have the best application to start the digital transformation in your business!

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