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Why is traceability important to your business?

Traceability is used to monitor goods both in production and distribution, and is one of the basic elements in terms of safety and quality management, helping the manager to control the company's operations.

The tracking is usually done through a code that allows access to information such as what it is, origin and destination of the product. 

Thus, a good traceability system is effective because it facilitates organization and ensures security, in addition to preventing your company's stock from being stopped. Understand below how traceability can be beneficial.

Benefits of traceability

See what are the main advantages of implementing a good traceability system:

Reduced stock

Traceability allows the company to have a smaller stock, as it allows the manager to know what will be stopped and for how long, thus facilitating stock management.

Safety and quality

A good traceability system guarantees the quality and safety of products, avoiding the loss of items both in stock and in the distribution process, also facilitating requests for returns, since it helps in the identification of defects. This increases customer confidence and brand reputation.

Delivery management

As traceability allows tracking of goods, delivery management is optimized and more effective.

Application of traceability

Every company can enjoy the benefits of this practice, however, the food and medicine sectors are the ones that most use traceability.

Drug traceability

As they require special care, traceability is a very important factor in ensuring the integrity and quality of medicines. In this way, a management system assists in strict control from manufacturing to transporting medicines to pharmacies and distribution points.

Food traceability

As well as in the traceability of medicines, the food industry also enjoys several advantages when adopting this practice, as the quality of products is ensured by monitoring all stages of manufacture, processing and transportation.

Sectors such as automotive, auto parts and electrical materials also benefit from product traceability, especially with regard to recalls, since manufacturers have all the information on the products sold.

How to apply traceability in your company?

The automation of processes to avoid errors and optimize processes has already been adopted in several sectors, so if your company does not yet have a management system with functions aimed at traceability, it is time to change!

With WayV in addition to traceability control you still have advantages such as:


Data collect;


Quality control;

Service and maintenance orders;

Process management;



Quality control.

Are you interested in implementing traceability in your company? Contact us and discover all the benefits that WayV offers!

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