WayV's data collection and checklist functions

Easily automate your processes and manage them remotely

Collect. Organize. Transform.

With the WayV platform, you can easily collect data from online and offline checklists, automate and manage your processes remotely and have your indicators always in the palm of your hand.

Distribute documents

Always keep everything in order. WayV helps you stay organized and distribute whatever you need to by email.

Integrations integration

With WayV, everything's easy, even integration with systems you already use.

Requests and schedules

It's no secret: a fully automated flow makes managing requests, notifications and schedules easier.

Execute action plans

Get insights and organize your action plans clearly and decisively thanks to WayV's intelligent data collection and the resulting BI.

Integrate WayV's solution with your ERP or CRM

No need to change systems. Integrate Wayv and get even better results.

See first-hand the financial return Wayv can generate for your business